Items for Sale 2018

Following is a list of items for sale from Ed Drakes as at June - 2018:
 - All prices are negotiable.
 - Most planes are fully equipped, just requiring a receiver and battery. See each advert.
 - Images generally have links to other sites for more information and price comparison.
 - I will assist with getting a purchased plane into the air. The purchaser is responsible for getting it down again. Just kidding, folks!
 - Please contact me with questions.

Sebart Wind S 50E"

Wingspan - 1580mm   Length - 1660mm

Weight - 3.1kg ready to fly.

Typical Sebart excellence. I built and flew this plane bacl in 2011. It has probably flown only 15 times! So it is like new. Not a mark on it....  The power plant is an OS Motors OMA-5025-375 requiring 6S 5000 batteries (not included) for adequate aerobatics. You will also need your own Tx and Rx.

Sold for $500

If you could find one (no-one is currently importing this plane) this is what it would cost ARF.

Winners' Model Rainbow 50E"

Wingspan - 1380mm   Length - 1485mm

Weight - 2.85kg ready to fly.

A robust F3A trainer. It has been converted to use 6S 5000 batteries and has a new Scorpion S-4020-16 with wooden 15x10 prop. Really sounds terrific when flying.

Sold for $400 to Peter Whitely on 16th-Oct-2018

Extreme Flight Extra 300 58"

Wingspan - 1470mm   Length - 1450mm

Weight - 2.6kg ready to fly.

A beautiful looking plane. Please check out the link page. The cowl has been repaired since a crash. Challenge you to spot it. Fully equipped but I would recommend a better motor than it currently has installed. Craig, you always lusted after this plane.

As of March 2017 this plane has a new Scorpion S-4020-10 motor and it flies and sounds terrific. Hence, the price must go up to cover the nice Scorpion motor.

Sold for $450 to Chris Sheraton on 4-Oct-2018

Gold Wing Sukhoi 26cc

Wingspan - 1780mm

Weight - 4.5kg ready to fly. Watch out, this is a big plane.

Beautiful plane and flies very well. 1.8kw Motor requires 10S 5000mah batteries!! Very nice HV ESC by HiFei. Please check out the linked web page. Motor and controller alone are worth $300.

Reduced to $450 on 9-Oct-2018

SBach 300 30cc

Wingspan - 1860mm   Length - 1720mm

Weight - 5kg ready to fly.

A beautiful looking plane. I have 2 (two) of these for sale! They have been flown a handful of times. Quite striking in the air. Both equipped with quick positive canopy latching and external arming switches.

No. 1) Not quite fully equipped. Missing aileron and rudder servos and ESC.  $700 reduced on 9-Oct-2018. Sold for $700 to Peter Whitely on 16-Oct-2018

No. 2) Fully equipped. You just need your own Rx and Batteries (10S). $900 reduced on 9-Oct-2018

Please check out the linked web sites. 

Extra 330L 20cc

Wingspan - 1730mm   Length - 1630mm

Weight - 4kg ready to fly.

This plane is so easy to fly it is like a trainer. Fully equipped. You just need an Rx and Battery. As an update to the web site, the motor has been upgraded to a Dualsky XM6350EA-9  (2kw motor!) with a wooden, 2 blade 20x10 prop. You will need a 6S battery.

$350  reduced on 9-Oct-2018

E-Flite DHC-2 Beaver

Wingspan - 1735mm

Weight - 2kg ready to fly.

Full house wing trailing edge. Please check out the linked web page. Very light on the wing. In new condition.

$200  reduced on 9-Oct-2018

Sold for $200 to Rob Masters on 15-Oct-2018

The World Models Ultimate 40

Wingspan - 1060mm Length - 1000mm

Weight - 2.05kg ready to fly.

This plane has flown just 3 or 4 times - has been hanging on my wall for 10 years! This is an ARF - no included equipment. It has been modified for electric flight and accepts about a 4S 2500mah battery. Check the link for more details.

$100  reduced on 9-Oct-2018

Sold for $100 to Igal Progan on 12-Oct-2018

CAP 232

Wingspan - 1400mm

Weight - about 2kg

Equipped only with servos. No quick-release canopy. The wings are bottom mounted and all equipment is installed through the bottom.


Sold for $100 to Igal Progan on 12-Oct-2018.

Igal also took the old Sbach (black red white) for $50.