Winner's Model Rainbow 50E - 1400mm   June - 2013

Click on this image for an extra-large version!

Click on this image for an extra-large version!

My son-in-law, Matt, ably assisting.

Notice the mechanical advantage the elevator servo works with. This makes for a very strongly positioning elevator. This is excellent for F3A work.

Notice the paddlepop sticks used to provide an adequate load path from the top corners of the motor mount to the fuselage side walls.

This plane arrived with the motor mount to fusealge joint rather smashed up! As repaired the whole structure is very stable.

Wing Span:
Wing Area:
Wing Loading:

Essential Features:

Radio Setup:


2,850 grams with 5S1P 4500 35-70C A-Spec Nano-Tech battery.
Approximately 83grams/dmē - fast and penetrating!

 - Electric Powered using:
   - 15x8 APC 2 blade prop.
   - Scorpion S4020-10 - 630kv outrunner - Enough power for good pattern aerobatics.
   - Castle Creation ICE Lite 100 Amp controller. See more details below.
   - 5S1P (4000 or more) 40c+ LiPo battery.
   - No extra weight added to achieve COG. Battery adjustment used for fine tuning.

Spektrum DX7s transmitter with Orange 6 channel receiver (full range) with
6 x HS-225BB analog, plastic gear servos are very nice and quiet on all control surfaces.
Elevators and Ailerons have high mechanical advantage for the servos since F3A flying requires modest control throws.

- Canopy is pre-finished in light grey - looks great.
- General fit and finish is very nice. Build was fairly straight forward apart from motor mount issue.
- Please read comments on the components below.
- Also read comments under some of the detail images above.
- Motor mount to fuselage design is poor!! Results in motor retention integrity failure - it could fall off!
- Rudder leading edge bevel is very off-centre. This puts the hinge slots off-centre as well. Also, the rudder leading edge is thicker than the rudder post trailing edge. Easy enough to cut new hinge slots but the bevel and thickness remain.

- As usual, I have replaced the supplied wheels/spats with larger, softer, brushed aluminium-hubbed wheels - NICE! Particularly needed since our field has a grass runway.

Completed Assembly - June 2013 - have flown a number of times at Fagan Park.

Spinner 51mm
Aluminium Backed

APC 15x8 Propellor

OS Motors OMS-5020-490
This motor fitted a narrow spec range since the cowl and motor mount are in fixed positions on this plane. Shaft had to be moved through stator until the prop adaptor could be fitted up against the motor. Only then did the gap between spinner base and cowl come out at about 2mm.

This is an advanced controller meant for up to 6S and includes many logged flight data relating to the power system. Most importantly, it has a variable brake ideal for F3A aerobatic downlines.

6 x HS-225MG Servos
Used throughout!
Plastic gears are recommended since they provide a tight drive train for much longer than metal gears would.



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