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Sukhoi 26M

 - 1780mm Wing Span
 - 1680mm Length
 - 4500 grams Flying Weight
 - 26cc class

Current (2016), Successful Flying Setup

Power Considerations:

- Using the 10S 5000 30C battery (2 x 5S in series employing a spark arrestor), Dualsky XM6350CA-16 motor and 18x10 APC prop  yields about 1800watts at the ESC.

- 1800 watts Translates to 400 watts/kg! This is adequate for good aerobatics. 

- Flying with this configuration yields a plane a little under powered. I would suggest a 19x10 or 20x10 propellor....

Comments after about 30 flights:

- The plane produces very low noise - pleasingly quiet in flight. I like calling it "quiet authority".

- I find that grease and snug tight wheel collars (no play along the shaft) contribute to this quiet performance. A better result still could be achieved employing Dubro Low Bounce wheels.

- Notice in, photos below, the Rx/Servos power battery. The HiFei ESC is opto so the Rx battery was required. Take great care to ensure the power pack is always well charged since the 4 digital metal gear servos are hungry and can halt the Rx if the power draw-down is too great.

Overall Performance:

- Altogether a nice performing scale aerobatic plane. 

- This plane has good presence in the sky.


Manufacturer: APC
Size: 18x10 inch E


Manufacturer: Provided with the ARF kit.
Size: Small domed spinner that is most often provided with the motor.


Model: Dualsky XM6350CA-16
RPM/V: 235kv
Slots, Poles: 12, 14
Max Power: 2300W
Shaft Diameter: 8mm
Weight: 470g

Motor Controller (ESC)

Hifei 100Amp Opto.

All Servos

Manufacturer: BMS
Size: BMS-621DMGPlusHS 
The same servo used throughout this plane. Two for ailerons, one for elevators and one for rudder.


Manufacturer: Spektrum DSM2 or DSMX depending on your Tx.
Size: Any model but at least 6 channel.


10S required for this motor.
Supply 10S via a serial connection of two 5S 5000 30C Turnigy batteries. See photo below.