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OpsBase 705 - Video Tutorials

Video to Download Size (KB) What's in this Tutorial Preferred Installation Folder Version Date
FindingOrders.avi 5,347 Describes how to find single Orders by using Our Ref (Order No) or groups of orders using words and/or dates. C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 26-July-2007

  How to run a Video directly from the internet
  • Just click on the video name in the left most column. Windows will download and play the video in your default media player.

Note: Each subsequent viewing of the video will require another download of the video file and these can be time consuming.

  How to install a Video Permanently on your computer
  • It is assumed that you already have the Installation Folder - C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705. While this is not a required download folder, downloading here makes the files easy to find in future.
  • RIGHT click on the required file in the left column above. An options dialog appears.
  • Click Save Target as to download it to your hard disk.
  • In the Save As dialog, navigate to the Installation Folder. Click Save. The file downloads and saves to the Installation Folder.
  • To view the tutorial, open windows explorer, navigate to the Installation Folder, select the video file and double-click it.
  Notes on the usage of the video tutorials:
  • Your default video player must be able to cope with the .avi format.