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OpsBase 705 - Beta    13-Aug-2007 Update

Download Component Size (KB) What the .ZIP contains Installation Folder Version Date 1,525 The main OpsBase client file C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 13-August-2007

  Are you a new user of OpsBase?
  • Return to the OB Beta version for 20-Jul-2007 and install that version first.
  • Proceed to the 03-August-2007 update and download and apply the data file PATCH!
  • Now continue with the latest client download here.
  How to install the 13rd August, updated client file:
  • Download shown above into the Installation Folder
  • Delete or Archive your existing client file, OpsBaseClient705.mde.
  • Extract  the updated OpsBase client file, OpsBaseClient705.mde, from the .zip file into the Installation Folder. You will need a .zip extractor like WinZip or Windows Explorer's native zip handler.
  • Your existing shortcut should work fine.

  You are now ready to start using OpsBase 705, Beta, version 13-August-2007.

  Update features:

Jobs (Orders) List for Period:
- Deleted Contractor Column.
- Surcharge/CRB Note column now advises whether there are surcharges/CRB. Details can be extensive so referral to Order is necessary.
- Deleted delivery type and replaced with details of Basic Charge Components.
- Order date format changed to dd-mm-yy.

Business Performance Report:
- Updated source of data for Contractors to get its data from Payments and so return results in this report.

Proof of Delivery:
- Pickup and Delivery states added.
- Consignment and CRB details now optionally available. Use check boxes to select these items on.
- This larger, more detailed version of the POD report now used from inside orders rather than the more abbreviated POD report.

Load Manifest:
- Complete redesign of the Manifest header. Company data now displays at the top with Trip and Supplier details below.
- ABN and ACN displayed in header.
- Actual Kgs displayed is correct - actuals are multiplied by qty!
- Con Note added to Order detail rows.
- Added State to Order details rows.

Supplier Statement:
- Two versions header layout changed to better display the document ID, ABN and ACN.
- If the report footer ex GST amount disagrees with the breakdown, refresh the row amounts back in the Settlements screen then re-run the report.

Customer Tax Invoice:
- Moved info bar up to below invoice totals.
- Unit, Unit Type working OK. Unit Rate column added.
- Repaired "Refresh Current Invoice Amount!" button. Now working correctly.
- ABN and ACN combined in header.
- CRB labelling updated.
- Header for invoices now appear only on the first page of the invoice. Invoice No is on every page.
- Footer made a lot more compact.

Set Runs:
- Added ability to use referenced order's Work Allocation data to persist the same info into a new Trip name and Order allocation.
- This function will create and allocate any follow on orders to the same trip.
- Delegations are not made.
- Trip Name, Supplier Name and Vehicle Number are persisted.