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OpsBase 705 - Beta    27-Jul-2007 Update

Download Component Size (KB) What the .ZIP contains Installation Folder Version Date 1,489 The main OpsBase client file C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 27-July-2007

  Are you a new user of OpsBase?
  How to install the 27th July update client file:
  • Download shown above into the Installation Folder
  • Delete your existing client file, OpsBaseClient705.mde.
  • Extract  the updated OpsBase client file, OpsBaseClient705.mde, from the .zip file into the Installation Folder. You will need a .zip extractor like WinZip or Windows Explorer's native zip handler.
  • Your existing shortcut should work fine.

  You are now ready to start using OpsBase 705, Beta, version 27-Jul-2007.

  Notes on the usage of this updated version:
  • Your existing data and distance files, OpsBaseData.mdb and OpsBaseDistances.mdb should not be disturbed by this update. The new client will work seamlessly with those files.
  Update features:
Work Allocations:
- Expanded width of the Worksheet View to increase the visibility of the comments.
- Added a comments tip explaining the repeated comments box in the footer.
- New button displays all Trips still active (no completion date/time) or started today.

Calculate Basic Cost dialog:
  - Return from this dialog no longer displays error.
  - Calculate Cost - Changed button text.
- Extend Order - Removed Wait time refs.

Income and Expenses:
- Moved Add/Edit dialog to the right edge of the screen when it pops.

Profit and Loss; Other Financial Reports:
- Dialog and report now include:
  - Quick date selection buttons.
  - Option to incl/excl the details components.
  - Option to incl/excl account percentages of total.
  - Options for P & L, Income only and Expenses only reporting.
  - Options to report on just one Category and/or Sub-Category

Miscellaneous Updates:
- Added new macro, function and toolbar button to save records!
- Work Suppliers now opens displaying a blank, new record.
- Regular Transactions - When opened directly from the main menu the [Use…] button is no longer visible. This screen should only be opened from Inc/Exp screen when intending to add Inc/Exp.
- Invoicing and Settlements Screens - Back out transactions by removing the paid date.

Invoices - Age Days Finding:
- Added P; NP quick type buttons for entering Paid and Not Paid into the Age Days criteria top box.
- The Date Paid find boxes respond to words and numbers differently. Words can only be used from the upper box.

- Same mods as for Invoices above.
- Updated finder to correctly use the criteria controls. This would never have worked prior to this update.
- Driver's Pay Sheet Report - Added Summary Statement which may be one line per Trip/Sequence or include the Order details. The fully detailed report remains unchanged.