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OpsBase 705 - Beta    03-Aug-2007 Update

Download Component Size (KB) What the .ZIP contains Installation Folder Version Date 17,121 Victorian Distances. Take careful note below of how to install this file! C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 3-August-2007 121 A PATCH file that updates your existing data file without deleting your data. C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 3-August-2007 1,516 The main OpsBase client file C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 3-August-2007

  Are you a new user of OpsBase?
  • Return to the OB Beta version for 20-Jul-2007 and install that version first.
  • Once the original Beta is installed you may return here, patch the data file and update the client.
  How to install the Victorian Distances data file:
  • Download shown above into the Installation Folder.
  • Extract the file, OpsBaseDistances_Vic.mdb, from this .zip file into the Installation Folder.
  • Delete or Archive the existing OpsBaseDistances.mdb file.
  • Rename OpsBaseDistances_Vic.mdb to OpsBaseDistances.mdb.
  • You are ready to now use 4.5million Victorian distance entries!

  Note: With this process you will lose the Sydney suburb distances information!

  How to Patch your current data file: (do this before using the new client!)
  • Download, shown above, into the Installation Folder.
  • Extract the file, OB705DataPatch20070803.mde, from this .zip file into the Installation Folder.
  • Double click this file to open it to the Patch control screen.
  • You may read about the operations that will be performed.
  • Click on Execute Patch to perform the update. When complete you will see a Data Patch Complete box.

  Note: This patch is vital for updating the structure of your data file while not losing any existing data.

  How to install the 3rd August, updated client file:
  • Download shown above into the Installation Folder
  • Delete or Archive your existing client file, OpsBaseClient705.mde.
  • Extract  the updated OpsBase client file, OpsBaseClient705.mde, from the .zip file into the Installation Folder. You will need a .zip extractor like WinZip or Windows Explorer's native zip handler.
  • Your existing shortcut should work fine.

  You are now ready to start using OpsBase 705, Beta, version 3-August-2007.

  Update features:

Data Patch 20070803:
- tblConsignmentItems + index added to OpsBaseData.mdb.
- Table Supplier and tblSalesmen have selected new fields added for banking info and ABN/TFN.

Consignment Details popup form:
- The selection list now includes size and factor details which are stored in the new tblConsignmentItems table.
- Added the ability for the user to Add to or Edit the existing items list.
- A new item is added by typing in its name in a new line, completing other details and then clicking on the Add or Edit Item button.

- Added BSB, Bank Account and ABN or TFN.

- Added BSB and Bank Account.

Doug's Mods List:
- Work Allocs:
  - Find button now works correctly.
  - 'Find for Today and Actives' repaired.
  - Grey background changed to white in Worksheet View.
- Categories and Sub-Categories:
  - Repaired adding new cat.
- Main Menu:
  - Reports - Profit and Loss becomes 'Cash Flow and Other Financial Reports'.
- Inc and Exp:
  - Clarified that if user enters Paid date in Invoices or Settlements screens while INCEXP screen open, the new records will not be displayed in INCEXP until the record list is refreshed with a new Find!
  - Adding manual INCEXP entry now allows GST amount to be set to zero.
- Orders:
- Finder dialog now uses text 'For Pickup Dates from; and to' adjacent the filter boxes.
- Set Runs operations clarified:
  - Using a Set Run does not now require the user to start a new Order manually first, the 'Set Runs' button is enabled at screen startup.
  - 'Add Current Order as New Set Run' checks that the user has entered a No. for the new SR.
- Proof of Delivery report now includes Order ID's.

- For all versions of the printed statement, added the option for either 'Supplier Statement ID' or 'Recipient Generated Tax Invoice No.'

Invoice Report:
- Added State to the Address for Pick Up and Delivery on every order.

Main Menu - Toolbars:
- shifted the 'Go To' options from the upper menu to the toolbar.

Sales Rep Statement:
- Checked functionality - seems correct.

Supplier Analysis report:
- New report replaces the old Contractor Analysis. All six possible ways of paying suppliers are summarised!