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OpsBase 705 - Beta Version

Download Component Size (KB) What the .ZIP contains Installation Folder Version Date 1,479 The main OpsBase client file C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 20-July-2007 83 The current Beta sample data C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 20-July-2007 4,313 Suburb to suburb distances for NSW - largely Sydney C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705 20-July-2007
nil   Patch to modify existing data files    

  How to install OpsBase 705 files:
  • Create the Installation Folder - C:\Program Files\OpsBase_705. Be careful to get this exactly correct as shown. This system will not work out of ANY OTHER FOLDER!
  • Download each of the three OpsBase????.zip files shown above into the Installation Folder
  • Extract  the OpsBase files contained in these .zip files into the Installation Folder. You will need a .zip extractor like WinZip or Windows Explorer's native zip handler.
  • Careful, includes two files, the main client and a single graphics file for backgrounds. This file is also required.
  • Create a shortcut to the file OpsBaseClient705.mde.
  • Change the shortcut's name to something like OpsBase 705.
  • Move the shortcut to your desktop or Quick Launch bar.
  • You must have Access 2002 or 2003 installed to use OpsBase.

  You are now ready to start using OpsBase 705, Beta.

  Notes on the usage of this Beta:
  • The Beta has a company name of Beta and a few restrictions on use. Max of 100 Orders. Do not change the registration information to a previous version's rego, it will fail!
  • The Help system is not yet implemented for this version of OpsBase.
  • Each time you notice a change in the Version Date for the, it is advised that you download and replace your older version with the new.
    Check the date on your current OpsBase 705 menu!
  • Suburb to suburb distances have been provided for NSW (largely Sydney) but are also available for Victoria. The Vic file is very large (70MB) and is currently not available for download. Please advise Doug on if you would like this file made available here.
  • When a data patch is necessary and is displayed here, you must download and extract it into the Installation Folder then run the patch, OBPatch##.mdb, whilst OpsBase is NOT RUNNING!