Green Models - DH Tiger Moth 120                                                               16-May-2008



Wing Span:
Root Chord:
Tip Chord:
Flying Weight:
Wing Area:
Wing Loading:

Power Setup:

Radio Setup:

Battery Access:

Useful Completion information
for this model:

Recommended Throws:

Alternative Manual:

About 5,000 grams, not the 4,200 grams suggested in the instructions!!
43grams/dmē - slow flying!

 - Converted to electric power:
   -  First setup: Venom V50L/300 Outrunner brushless motor with 18" x 10" E blade using a 5S1P 3300mah battery. The 300kv rating proved to be too low to provide enough revs off the 5S battery. This setup only just flew!
   - Second setup: Scorpion S4020/12 Outrunner brushless motor with 17" x 10" E blade using a 5S1P 3300mah battery.
   - The Scorpion is a 540kv 1500w outrunner.
   - 60amp controller.
   - 5S1P 3300 20c LiPo battery - limited by the controller to a maximum output of 1100 watts (1.45hp) but steady state of about 950 watts (1.25hp).
   - An extra 650 grams of firewall-mounted lead was used to achieve the required COG!

Spektrum DX7 transmitter with AR7000 receiver (full range) with 4 standard servos. Ailerons are independently controlled allowing for Flaperon setup.

Custom hatch added between landing gear supports. Battery is suspended from velcro with extra protection provided by a secondary velcro, wrap-around strap.

COG: 155 - 165mm back from the leading edge of the top centre wing section OR 73.5mm back from the leading edge of the bottom wing adjacent the fuselage.

 - Elevator - 33mm each way.
 - Rudder - 38mm each way.
 - Ailerons - 25mm each way.
Add exponential to your preference.

You may prefer to use
this manual over the supplied one.

Large 18x10 blade
used with 300kv motor.

Custom, adjustable cabling used.

Electric battery access hatch
fits well amongst the

The hatch is reinforced with
ply and a simple latch from
snake tube is added. The battery
is double-velcro'd in place on a
sloping ply plate epoxied between
the fuel tank tray and the front of
the forward cockpit.

Note the use of fuel tube as
washers to protect the cowl finish.

Rod Nordsvan used a 'Sharpie' to
complete panel lines - very nicely.

Venom V50L/300 motor inplace.

Custom forward bracket required
to fit the large motor diameter
(50mm) and shaped to fit snugly
into the cowl.

Custom 650 gram counterweight
cast in home made mould then
fastened using provided IC
motor mount bolts.

Pull-pull rudder operation as
The elevator operation was
converted to a single servo
with wire joiner between sides.
Anything to try cutting down on
firewall counterweight
One day later and the
Motor is switched to the Scorpion
S4020/12 (see the specs above) and
the nose is now a nice shape.
The blade was changed from a very large 18x10 to a 15x8E.

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