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Mytho S 50E

 - 1580mm Wing Span
 - 1670mm Length
 - 3550 grams Flying Weight

Feature Photos

Build Review

Power Considerations:

  • Using a 6S 5000 40C battery, Scorpion SII 4025-440kv motor and 16x10 APC prop there is an expectation of around 1600watts power available - see the eCalc results posted in a photo below. Previous builds of this plane, with the same equipment on board, has yielded a very responsive aircraft. 

Build Comments and Variations from the supplied equipment:

The radio system employed here is Spektrum.


  • The Hitec HS-77BB servos required the mounting holes to be enlarged. 
  • The smallest, reasonable gap was maintained between the aileron and wing trailing edge.
  • Servos leads were custom adjusted to be exactly the right length to get to the intended Rx location.
  • Ailerons are plugged into the Aile(right) and AUX1(left) channels. This allows for separate aileron setups.

Stabiliser and Elevators:

  • As per expected Sebart quality, the stabiliser halves fitted very well onto the tail of the plane as instructed.
  • The HS-85BB servos took a little persuading to fit snuggly into the stabiliser halves. 
  • The two servos are plugged into Elev and Gear channels providing separate setup for each elevator half.
  • Servo leads were custom adjusted to be exactly the right length to get to the intended Rx location.


  • The tail wheel assembly design is very old fashioned now but still works very well.
  • The HS-485HB servo was mounted at the rear in a push-pull arrangement.
  • Sebart provides holes in the fuselage formers that allow the three control lines for the rear to be well contained and not thrash back and forward whilst in flight or while being carried..
  • Servos leads were custom adjusted to be exactly the right length to get to the intended Rx location.

Undercarriage:  (Bear in mind here that our local field has a grass runway......)

  • The provided wheels and spats were put into stock and replaced with 3 inch Dubro Low Bounce wheels. These reduce running noise whilst on the ground.
  • Stub axles were upgraded to heavier duty 8mm/4mm shafts with 2 collars per wheel. The inner collars prevent the wheels rubbing on the lower parts of the undercarriage fairings. The outer collars are nipped up finger tight against the wheel hubs and then tightenned in place. This prevents slapping of the wheels back and forward on their shafts.
  • The undercarriage arms were precambered a little to try reducing the splaying of the wheels whilst in normal use.

Front End:

  • Sebart quality shines through here!
  • Fixing the motor, spacers, spinner and prop as per instructions results in a nicely aligned motor and prop.
  • Some care must be taken to get the spinner/prop combination to rotate nicely in line and with no wobbling. Prop blade tips must track nicely after each other to provide the most efficient and low noise flying result.

Under the Canopy:

  • Since there is no pilot figure etc, the inside of the canopy "glass" was spray painted with "Dusk Grey".
  • The YEP ESC is mounted on a custom shaped block of balsa. The block is epoxied to the fuselage and a cable tie holds the ESC in place, perfectly suiting the length of cabling from the motor.
  • A custom mounting bracket holds the XT90 arming switch firmly to the fuselage.
  • All cables are custom cut and soldered in place.
  • XT90 connection covers then hide all soldering very effectively.
  • The Rx mounts onto a sloping block to facilitate easy access to the channel pluggins.
  • The satelite Rx velcros to the inside of the turtle deck.
  • The battery tray comprises perforated rubber mat epoxied to a custom shaped craft board which is, in turn, epoxied to the central fuselage tray structure. A custom-stitched battery strap is installed.

More Photos

Technical Photos

Installed Equipment


Manufacturer: APC
Size: 16x10 inch Electric or Thin.


Source: Hobbyking
Size: 57mm
Aluminium-backed with draw holes in the nose to encourage air flow through the spinner and onto the motor.


Model: Scorpion SII4025-440kv
Stator Arms, Poles: 12, 14
Continuous Loading: 85A
Max Power: 2000W
Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Weight: 353g

Motor Controller (ESC)

Model: YEP 100Amp.
BEC: 5.5V/6A
F3A Brake:  Available
Advisable to obtain the programming card since the radio stick programming method is very tedious!

Arming Switch

Model: XT90
Half connection has 6ohm resistor in series so there is no spark as the ESC capacitors load up. Nice soldered connection covers makes for a nice result.

Aileron Servos

Model: Hitec HS-77BB
These are low profile, analog servos. The wing section is so narrow that, to use standard size servos, low profiles are necessary. However the plan size required some easing of the recesses in the wings.

Elevator Servos

Model: Hitec HS-85BB
The elevators are separately controlled. The servos plug into the Elev and Gear channels. This allows for each elevator to be separately (sub)trimmed.

Rudder Servo

Model: Hitec HS-485HB
This standard sized, karbonite geared servo is mounted at the rear providing push-pull rudder control.

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