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Galactik 90

 - 1560mm Wing Span
 - 1674mm Length
 - 4000 grams Flying Weight

Current (2016), Successful Flying Setup

Power Considerations:

- Using the 6S 5000 40C battery, Dualsky XM5060EA-8 motor and 18x12 APC prop was supposed to yield about 1690watts at the ESC. I have performed static power checks indicating that 2100watts (static) is closer to actual power in! This was of course, at peak voltage of around 4.1 volts per cell. During the bulk of the discharge, the cell voltage drops to about 3.5 volts under load. This equates to about 1790 watts max for most of the flight.

- 1790 watts Translates to 448 watts/kg! A pattern plane generally flies really well on 400 watts/kg.

- Certainly the plane climbs straight up with great ease - perfect for pattern vertical requirements.

Comments after about 30 flights:

- Even at high power the plane produces very low noise - pleasingly quiet in flight. I like calling it "quiet authority".

- The very soft "low bounce" Dubro wheels are very quiet even on the rough grass strip! The grease and snug tight wheel collars (no play along the shaft) contribute to this quiet performance.

- The plane has a slight tendency to tip forward when taxiing. This is largely due to the undercarriage being well raked back, placing the wheels under the leading edge of the wing. 

- I discovered that the plane has a very weak spot for signal reception from directly in front. Found this out most unpleasantly with 3 separate occasions of signal loss! In all cases the plane came live again within a second - phew. In each case, ground checks confirmed that signal could easily be lost from directly in front. After changing the receiver 4 times(!) I settled on the Spektrum AR7000 with satellite receiver. No more issues. Along with this problem's solution came the addition of a separately powered receiver: 2S Lipo ► Switch (on fuselage side for outside access) ► UBEC ► Receiver. I had to disconnect the red, power wire from the ESC to the receiver.

- The canopy latch hole - just in front of the canaliser - started coming apart. I have epoxied in a brass tube that the latch shaft now slides into.

Overall Performance:

- Altogether a very nice performing plane. I am well pleased.

- Super plane, top marks for Frank Liu at Winner's Model.


Manufacturer: APC
Size: 18x12 inch E


Manufacturer: Provided with the ARF kit.
Size: 70mm

These cooling spinners have already proven to keep the motor temperature considerably lower.


Model: Dualsky XM5060EA-8
RPM/V: 355kv
Slots, Poles: 12, 14
Max Loading: 68A
Max Power: 1,508W
Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Weight: 382g

Motor Controller (ESC)

YEP 100Amp from Hobby King.

Elevator and Aileron Servos

Manufacturer: Hitec
Size: HS-225BB
Two of these mirrored on either side of the fuselage to drive an elevator half each.
Two of these, one for each aileron.

Rudder Servo

Manufacturer: Hitec
Size: HS-625MG high torque with wire pull-pull crossed over to the rear.


Spektrum AR8000 + satellite.
I use this to ensure good communication between the Tx and Rx. I had had trouble with various Rx's resulting in Rx "halts" - near death experiences!


Manufacturer: Turnigy
Size: 6S 5000mah 30C