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FMS Edge 540

 - 1320mm Wing Span
 - 1320mm Length
 - 1680 grams Flying Weight
 - Durable EPO

Current (2016), Flying Setup

Power Considerations:

- Consider the information supplied by FMS for this plane, here.

- The salient points are:

  • Manufactured from Durable EPO
  • 3948-KV760 Motor
  • 60A Brushless ESC
  • 4 x 17g FMS servos
  • Recommended battery - Li-Po 14.8V 2,600mAh 25C 

Comments after about a few flights:

- The very low pitched prop sets this plane up for 3D work.

- The pitch speed is fairly low and not suited to large aerobatics.

- With a faster power setup this plane would be good for large aerobatics.

This plane is PNP, requiring just a receiver and battery to get under way.


Manufacturer: FMS
Size: 13 x 5 x 3 blades


Manufacturer: FMS
Size: Unusually large!


Model: Supplied with the plane. 3948-KV760 

Motor Controller (ESC)

60Amp with BEC.

Four Servos

Manufacturer: FMS
Size: 17g
Designation: 3104
Type: Digital


Use your preferred, 6channel Rx.


Use your preferred LiPo brand.....
Li-Po 14.8V 2,600mAh 25C is recommended.