Auctioning Steve Rickard's RC Planes

How to bid:
 - Select the item you would like.
 - Advise Ed, on, of the item number, qty and offer amount.
 - Your offer will be added to this web site.
 - If your offer remains the highest for 7 days then the item is yours.
 - An item is closed/part closed when the "Description" text is RED.
 - Check the status box below Bid Details.

 - All planes are fully rigged to fly with a Spektrum Rx and good quality motors - Hacker or Hyperion. Batteries as per text below.
 - Contact Ed, any time, for more sale information on an item.
 - Contact Steve Rickard to arrange a viewing or discuss current plane condition. MOB: 0413 287 123
 - Click on images to see item on retailer's web site.
 - All items will require pickup in Galston.

Last updated  13-April-2019

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Item No:     001

Name:    Sebart Mytho S 125E

Description:     1800mm wingspan. 5kg Flying weight.  Just requires Tx. Existing 7S batteries are included but condition of these is unknown. The recommended Hacker motor is included.

Qty Available:    1

New Price:    AUD990 for the ARF from Wired RC. The included equipment pushes that new price much higher.

Bid Details:   No bids. Reserve $450

Item No:    002

Name:    World Models ΒΌ scale Cub. 

Description:    Robart sprung landing gear. 2640mm Wingspan. Flying weight is just under 7kg!! 

Qty Available:    1

New Price:    USD450 from USA excluding delivery for the ARF. Equipment additional.

Bid Details:    No Bids. Reserve AUD400.

Item No:    003

Name:    CMPro Leo V2

Description:    Wingspan: 1746mm. Length: 1828mm. Weight: 4kg Ready to fly including 8S (5+3) batteries.

Qty Available:    1

New Price:    Approximately AUD850. Equipment additional

Bid Details:    No bids. Reserve AUD300.

Item No:    004

Name:    Sebart Sukhoi 29S 140E

Description:    Yellow colour scheme. Wingspan: 1940mm. Length: 1920mm. Weight: about 5.2kg on 10S. Ask Steve about batteries.

Qty Available:    1

New Price:    AUD1000+ for the ARF. Lots more for the equipment.

Bid Details:    No bids. Reserve AUD400.

Item No:    005

Name:    SIG Rascal 110

Description:    Wingspan: 2795mm. Length: 1924mm. Weight RTF: 6.95kg according to Steve. Only just inside the legal weight for HEMFC. 10S application. 

Qty Available:    1

New Price:    AUD1040 ex delivery. Equipment aditional.

Bid Details:    No bids. Reserve AUD400.