Seagull Edge 540 ARF                                                                                                                  25-Aug-2008

Wing Span:
Flying Weight:
Wing Area:
Wing Loading:

Power Setup:

Radio Setup:

Wheels and Landing Gear:


General comments:


About 2,900 grams, with 4S1P 2250mah battery
69grams/dmē - rather heavy and flies very fast!

 - Designed primarily for IC power. This electric conversion is best described by the video clip at the end of this page.
 -  Hardware setup: E-Flite Power 46 670kv, 800watt Outrunner brushless motor with 13" x 8" medium blade using a 4S1P 2250mah battery. This battery can produce only 650 watts of power so the motor is a little wasted. It never gets hot though!
 - 60amp EMax controller.
 - No extra weight was added to achieve the required COG! Actually seemed a little tail heavy but no elevator adjustment was required.

Spektrum DX7 transmitter with AR7000 receiver (full range) with 4 Spektrum DS821 servos and 1 Tower Pro MG995 for the rudder. Each elevator has its own servo! Ailerons are setup as Flaperons. The transmitter provides a 3 stage flap operation, normal, half and full. When the flaps mixed to elevator is correctly setup, landings are a pleasure. A little rudder and aileron trim was required for straight flight at half throttle!

Very good undercarriage "out of the box"!. Very strong and no-nonsense. Even the spats are nice and flexible so survive the gruelling landings on our rough field.

COG: The nominated 95mm from leading edge resulted in somewhat unstable flight. I suspect the COG needs to go a little forward.

The throws were set to the Sport level. I always use some exponential (up to 50%) for that smooth, scale effect when cruising. The rudder throw was greatly reduced from specified because it created excessive turning response. Still working on the flaperon/elevator settings that will provide the smoothest landing approaches.
This is a heavy model by today's 3D craft standards.



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