Sbach 342 55" Red/Black/White - Flight Model   April - 2011

Wing Span:
Root Chord:
Tip Chord:
Wing Area:
Wing Loading:

Essential Features:

Radio Setup:


1,400mm (55")
2,100 grams without battery. About 2,500 with preferred 5S1P 3000 battery.
With a 380gram 5S1P battery -> 65grams/dmē - medium flying! Cube loading 10.6

 - Electric Powered using:
   - 15" x 8" (380 x 203) Electric prop.
   - Turnigy SK5055-580kv 1,580w outrunner - LOTS of power for this model.
3D is available! Vertical is no problem.
   - TURNIGY Plush 80A w/ UBEC Speed Controller.
   - 5S1P (3000 or more) 20c+ LiPo battery. 4.5 Minute flights with full precision
aerobatics. This usage keeps the battery safe from over-discharge.
   - No extra weight added to achieve COG. Battery adjustment used for fine tuning.

Spektrum DX7 transmitter with AR6200 receiver (full range) with
4 x BMS 621DMG HS standard servos - very nice and quiet.

Beautiful, large, tinted and latch-retained canopy provides massive access
to all the inner components.
Undercarriage is painted aluminium, very strong and easily handles any heavy landings.
The wheels used are as suppiled. Flying off grass is no problem.
Wheel spats interestingly designed to minimise grass pickup!
Very solid flyer.

Click on photos for larger versions. Click on component descriptive text
to visit the
web site for a lot more detail.

April 2011 - Completed assembly of this plane and have flown a few times at Fagan Park.

8mm Prop Adaptor

15x8E Propellor

TURNIGY Aerodrive XP
SK5055-580kv Outrunner

Turnigy Plush 80Amp ESC with UBEC

4 x BMS 621DMG HS Servos


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