Sbach 342 30cc - 73" 1850mm   May-2011

Wing Span:
Wing Area:
Wing Loading:

Essential Features:

Radio Setup:


5,800 grams with 10S1P 4000 batteries.
Approximately 87grams/dmē - fast and penetrating!

 - Electric Powered using:
   - 20x10 (508 x 254) APC 2 blade prop.
   - E-Max BL5335/10 230kv outrunner - Enough power for good aerobatics. Use Max 10S on this motor!!
   - Fentium 100A 12S Opto Speed Controller.
   - 10S1P (4000 or more) 30c+ LiPo battery. 5 Minute flights.
   - No extra weight added to achieve COG. Battery adjustment used for fine tuning.

Spektrum DX7 transmitter with AR6200 receiver (full range) with
3 x BMS-621 digital metal gear servos, very nice and quiet, on flaperons and rudder.
2 x Hitec 425BB Std Servos, 1 for each elevator half, especially wired to work mirrored to each other.
The opto controller requires a separate receiver battery. There is recessed, fuselage switching provided to isolate the receiver.

Canopy arrived all smoky! Painted inside all metallic grey - looks great.
Weight came out way more than the instructions indicated. Not a lightweight, retiring violet!
Recommend a 20x12 prop over the current one to get the most out of the 10S batteries (2x5S in series), the max recommended for the motor.

Click on photos for larger versions. Click on component descriptive text to visit the
web site for a lot more detail.

May 2011 - Completed assembly of this plane and have flown about 5 times at Fagan Park.

APC 20x10 Propellor

Emax BL5335/10
230kv Outrunner

Fentium 100A 12S Opto Controller

3 x BMS-621 DMGHS Servos

2 x Hitec 425BB Std Servos on elevators


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