Pilot RC
Extra NG 67"

Wingspan - 67" (1702mm)
Length - 65.4" (1661mm)
Wing Area - 872"² (56.3dm²)
Flying Weight - 8.1lbs (3.7kg)
Colour - Red, white and blue 
Trim - Black

OMG, Nice Photos!

Yes, I do like taking tons of shots!  Who wouldn't??
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The sad story of this plane...

Yes, it looks great and flies beautifully, NOW!  However, its story is painful.

Originally purchased from Desert Aircraft, Brisbane, in early 2021 this video shows the unboxing accompanied by lots of enthusiasm and JOY!

The build was quite regulation resulting in a super plane ready for all kinds of aerobatic action!  However, life can be short.....
   I was performing a low, level pass from right to left over the runway at about 2m off the ground.  Pitched the plane up to a vertical climb and ,when just 5m up, the ESC exploded..  The plane tipped over and plummetted down onto the cowl.  Flames ensued.  Some rapid action then suppressed the flames, got the the battery out and prevented a serious consuming of the fuselage.
   By some fluke, Desert Aircraft had a spare cowl in stock!  Within  a month I had the plane completely repaired and ready to go - yay!  
   At the end of the first flight, after performing a nice slow roll at 30m up, all the electrics shut down.  30m Straight down to the ground....  Yeh, no survivors!  The fuselage was written off.  Fortunately the wings and tail end were in good order.  I removed the rudder and horizontal stabiliser from the wrecked fuselage - much, patient dremelling!
   Now I needed a whole new fuselage.  That took three months to arrive.  The delivery box was heavily stoved in at one end.  Further investigation yielded a completely destroyed tail end of the new fuselage!!  Well, that now meant another three month wait for another new fuselage.  As an alternative, I suggested Desert AIrcraft sell me a Green/Carbon Extra NG 67" ARf for a lower price.  They required $250...  I said, "Yay!"  So now I also have the Green/Carbon Extra NG 67".
   The "busted-arse" fuselage languished for some months.  Then I said, "No way am I throwing this plane away, it is virtually an entire ARF."  So began the long task of rebuilding the Red/Blue/White fuselage.

More Nice Pics

No such thing as too many shots of a gorgeous plane....
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Equipment Installed

Spinner 63mm

Turbo Spinner (63mm) with aluminium back plate

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Prop - 18x12 

Falcon 18x12 wooden electric propellor

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Dualsky Motor

Dualsky Motor
XM6350EA-9 (370kv) 2074watts

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Avian 100a ESC

Spektrum Avian 100amp Smart ESC with fan

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Arming Switch

The XT90 Spark Arrestor and Arming Switch with terminal covers

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Flight Pack Battery

7.4v 1100mah Flight Pack Battery to supply Rx/Stabiliser and servos

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Switch / Regulator

PowerBox DigiSwitch V2 to regulate the flight pack to about 7v and show battery capacity - excellent

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Receiver / Stabiliser

Spektrum AR631.  Includes AS3X stabiliser, some telemetry features and press-button binding

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Tail Servos

2 x OCS D2107 mini servos for rudder and elevator - high torque, high voltage and coreless

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Aileron Servos

2 x OCS 201HD std servos for the ailerons - high torque, high voltage and coreless

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Battery Strap

1 x 300x20mm Velcro battery strap. Suites a 6S battery sitting on the fuselage mounting floor

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Low Bounce Wheels

Replacement 3" (76mm) Low Bounce wheels by Dubro.  Grass field a little easier to handle

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Altogether too Many Pics

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Technical/Artistic Images

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Comments after flying for some months

   There has been all the drama with the earlier two crashes with this plane...  After a few months with the plane setup as described above, I have to say it is becoming a stable favourite - but aren't they all??
   Since the rebuild of the tail section, the only problems I have been experiencing are:
   - Had to try a few ESCs - all of which "thumped" when re-applying power - until the Avian 100amp did not thump!??
   - Tail wheel control rod keeps snapping off at the rotation collar.  I have now employed a spring that "shock absorbs" side load on the control rod.
   - One image above shows a custom designed (printed and supplied by B and E Graphics USA) decal - "Extra NG".  My word, this makes the plane fly much better!