Sebart Mytho S 50E - 1580mm   Aug-2014

Notice the air outlet holes.
Unusually difficult to locate for cutting out from the outside!

HS-77BB (low profile servos)
were only just shallow enough to fit inside the wing!

HK Arming Switch, Momentary Press Button
and Canopy Hold-Down Thumbscrew.

Left to right: Momentary press button,
2 x 2ohm resistors in series
and arming switch connections.
Power Setup Calculations:
Flying weight = 3.55kg
F3A PA requires 400watts/kg
Hence 1420watts required for good performance
The 1660watts provided is adequate

Wing Span: 1580mm
Length: 1670mm
Weight: 3550grams ready to fly with 6S 5000 30C battery.
Wing Area: 52dm²
Wing Loading: 68.3grams/dm² - very light loading for this type of plane.
Wing Cube Loading: 9.5grams/(dm²)^1.5; - falls comfortably in the Aerobatic zone for cube loading.
Essential Features:  - Electric Powered using:
   - 16x10 APC 2 blade prop.
   - Scorpion S4025-12 440kv outrunner - Plenty of power for good aerobatics.
   - 100A YEP Speed Controller with BEC (1-6S).
   - 6S 5000 30c+ LiPo battery. 1660 Watts available to the ESC.
   - 75g of extra lead weight added near the motor to achieve COG. Battery adjustment used for fine tuning.
   - An arming switch and 4ohm anti-spark momentray press button added for safety.
Radio Setup:   - Spektrum DX7S radio.
  - Spektrum AR7000 (incl satelite rx) receiver.
  - Hitec HS-77BB servos for ailerons
  - Hitec HS-485HB servo for rudder
  - Hitec HS-85BB servos for elevator - one servo internally adjusted to be reversed.
Positive Comments:   - Manufacturing quality is very good as per expected Sebart standards.
  - Good looking plane!
  - At this early stage it seems like good value for money. About AUD880 completed, excluding battery.
Negative Comments:   - Design comments:
  - Manufacturing faults:

August 2014 - Completed assembly of this plane and currently fly out of Fagan Park.

Spinner 57mm
Aluminium Backed

APC 16x10 Propellor

Scorpion S4025-12 440kv
Brushless Motor

100Amp YEP Controller

YEP ESC Programming Card
Essential for rapid ESC setup.

Turnigy 6S 5000 30C
800g batteries.


1 x HS-485HB
Rudder Servo

2 x HS-77BB Aileron Servos
Low Profile

2 x HS-85BB
Mighty Micro Elevator Servos
One reversed for mirror image operation off one channel.

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