The Multiman

This is an old R.C.M. & E. plan for a full house, 2.5 metre glider. The plans date back to the mid 80's. The body is seriously 'Chunkas' while the wings also weigh a fair bit with built-up construction, mechanisms for flaps and airlerons and the whole lot is fully sheeted.

Wings are typically bottom sheeted with all other construction growing above that.

The flaps and airlerons were supposed to be mixed but it was proving too hard and clunky so we left it at separate flap and airleron control.



Everything about the body construction is fairly heavy duty with lots of 12mm balsa sheet. This generous use of thick balsa ultimately allows for impressive amounts of sanding and a nice rounded finish to the body.

Sooty and Sweep probably fly this thing about as well as any person!

It's amazing how useful some really heavy bricks can be!

Note the really well rounded body! Some over-vigorous sanding resulted in the need to apply 'Bog' (car body filler) to inner panel joints so that the outer body could be finished properly.

This is the delicate stage of gluing in the wing tubes. In this case the body main tube has already been firmly glued in place. Oversized holes in the first 4 ribs of each wing accept the brass tubes complete with spring steel bar connecting through to the other wing. Bricks and whatever come to hand are used to hold the body vertical while the epoxy is applied to the wing tubes. The rear tubes are also in place but not yet glued. They are just maintaining relative wing attack angles.


To be continued...