Hangar 9 Cub 40 - 2032mm   January-2010


Wing Span:
Wing Area:
Wing Loading:

Essential Features:

Radio Setup:


Approximately 3,300 grams with 5S1P 3000 20C battery.
Approximately 55.6grams/dmē - very docile and easy to manage!

 - Electric Powered using:
   - 13x8 Master Airscrew prop.
   - E-flite Power 46 670KV outrunner - Enough power for mild aerobatics.
   - 60A Plush Speed Controller.
   - 5S1P (4000 or more) 30c+ LiPo battery.
   - No extra weight added to achieve COG. Battery adjustment used for fine tuning.

Spektrum DX7s transmitter with AR6200 6 channel receiver (full range) with
4 x HS-311 analog plastic gear servos, very nice and quiet, on all control surfaces.

- Access to inside fuselage is via windscreen held in with just two screews.
- Also, there is a cabin roof panel that comes off for added access during rigging.
- Colours employed - Cub Yellow (HANU884), Black (HANU874)

Completed Assembly - January 2010 - of this plane and have flown about 4 times at Fagan Park.

Assembly Manual

Master Airscrew 13x8 Propellor

E-Flite Power 46 679KV Motor

4 x HS-311 Std Servos
Used throughout!



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