HK Clipped Wing Piper Cub 1600mm   Aug-2011

Wing Span:
Wing Area:
Wing Loading:

Essential Features:

Radio Setup:


2,000 grams with 4S1P 2200 battery.
Approximately 46grams/dmē - very light weight and forgiving!

 - Electric Powered using:
   - 13" x 8" (330 x 203) Master Airscrew prop.
   - E-Max BL2826/06 850w outrunner - Enough of power for reasonable aerobatics.
   - TURNIGY Plush 60A Speed Controller.
   - 4S1P (2200 or more) 30c+ LiPo battery. 4.5 Minute flights.
   - No extra weight added to achieve COG. Battery adjustment used for fine tuning.

Spektrum DX7 transmitter with AR6200 receiver (full range) with
4 x Futaba S3003 standard analog servos - very nice and quiet.

Non-standard, larger wheels.
Complex, poor HK undercarriage replaced with 3mm aluminium, home made undercarriage.
Battery change through side door. Side door mounting changed to top hinges and rotating retainer.
Four servos - 2 in the wings (flaperons) plus rudder and elevator.

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Aug 2011 - Completed assembly of this plane and have flown many times at Fagan Park.

8mm Prop Adaptor

Master Airscrew 13x8 Propellor

Emax BL2826/06
850kv Outrunner

Turnigy Plush 60Amp ESC with UBEC

4 x Futaba S3003 Std Servos


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