Chunkas More stout than would normally be expected. Plain old MASSIVE!
Worminator A flying device proven to be capable (OR suspected capable) of killing worms 100mm below ground level after spotting them from 30metres up.
Oh Shit! A flying sequence totally contrary to that intended, ending in the inevitable rearrangement of a plane's basic airframe.
Lumberjack An errant 'Chunkas' plane that will surely lop limbs from trees not quick enough to get out the way.
Cash Crop The art of planting an Albatross vertically into a neighbour's ploughed paddock.
32 A S..t Load! A large but quite non-specific quantity. We have had a '32' of 'Oh Shits' in our flying field.
Exejutive A specialised runway, proving always to be just that little bit difficult to land on.
Stall The least-most favourite flying manouvre. Normally precedes a 'Worminator', 'Oh Shit!' or 'Cash Crop' event.
Mullet A floater. About 8ozs/foot sq (25 grams/dm sq). This kind of glider really doesn't know how to stall.
Loop About the only aerobatic manouvre a mullet can perform.
Nearby Planet   Earth 
Tangential The preferred trajectory when approaching a 'Nearby Planet'. Results, most times, in a safe, intact landing.
Vertical Never a nice word to hear when in the same sentence as '..close to a Nearby Planet'. Definitely contra-indicated for safe landings.
Roll Easy when it's something you eat. Hard when you're trying to do one with no ailerons.
What fell out my plane? Bad, bad! Certainly preceeds a 'Vertical' event associated with a 'Nearby Planet'.
Stress Reliever That part of a plane that always breaks on a harder than normal landing.
Magnet One lone eucalypt on the boundary between the Mepsteads and Drakes (Olympic Flying field) that has snared too many unwary planes. We now refer to altitudes in units of Magnets. One Magnet is about 12 metres.