R2 Hobbies Gliderman (Bird of Time) 3000mm Wingspan, 3kg Flying Weight May-2013

Note the stubby wing joiner.
Someone knew what they were doing designing this wing!
Outer wing panels come away from the inner.
I leave mine permanently joined for convenience.
Similarly, I leave the fuselage sections permanently taped together.

Colour Variation in Wingtips.
This is an issue with the camera!
The far wing tip orange is the correct colour.

Colours and Shape not as sold??
A blade failure prompted a nose rebuild!
Canopy lost. This is a scratch built wooden one.

Tail end servos cover:
This does not fit well with the push rod hood in place.
Removed the hood entirely.

Large, slow-turning blade.

Large 4260-500 motor crammed in!
Not the supplied motor.
270g Of lead under the front of that battery plate.

Underside Colours:
These work very well in the air.
The glider is nicely visible from below.

Rudder Hinge Assembly:
Rather an odd hinge design.
Some care needs to be taken with this.

Large breather holes required.
Unfortunately, lots of grass gets in.

Wing Span: 3000mm
Length: 1460mm
Weight: 3100grams ready to fly with 4S 4000 20C battery.
Wing Area: 76.5dm²
Wing Loading: 41grams/dm² - very light loading for this type of plane.
Wing Cube Loading: 4.6grams/(dm²)^1.5; - falls comfortably in the Easy to Fly, Glider zone for cube loadings.
Essential Features:  - Electric Powered using:
   - 15x8 2 blade folding prop.
   - SK 4260-500kv outrunner - Plenty of power for this glider.
   - 80A Plush Speed Controller with BEC.
   - 4S 4000 20c LiPo battery. Employed for their weight as much as their power!
   - 270g of extra lead weight added below the front of the battery tray to achieve COG. Battery adjustment used for fine tuning.  
Radio Setup:   - Spektrum DX7S radio.
  - 6 Channel Orange receiver with satelite.
  - All servos are unbranded and supplied with the glider.
  - After a year of flying, no issues with servos.
  - Aileron servos look like slim minis.
  - Rudder and Elevator servos look micro sized.
Positive Comments:   - Manufacturing quality is very good. Fuselage quite heavy fibreglass construction.
  - The rudder post is integral with the fuselage.
  - Very good value for money.
Negative Comments:   - Design comments:
   -  Very strongly built glider.
   - Elegant in flight, fulfilling its intended job of emulating the Bird of Time design dating back to the 1970's.
  - Performance comments:
   - Wow. What can one say? This glider regularly stays up for 45mins on less than 4mins motor run time!
   - Loops, rolls, stall turns and upside down flight are all in a day's work.

May 2013 - Completed assembly of this plane and currently fly out of Fagan Park.

42mm Spinner with an
HK 15x8 folding propellor.

SK 4260-500kv
Brushless Motor

80Amp Plush Controller with BEC

Zippy 4S 5000 20C
400g batteries.


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