BJ Craft Fantasista 70 - 1500mm   June-2014

Three Inch aluminium hubbed wheels used in lieu of those supplied to fly off a grass field.

Note the Spark Arrestor and Arming switch mounted in the wall adjacent the speed controller.

Notice the 75g of lead screwed to the fuselage floor to achieve the recommended COG.

Wing Span: 1500mm
Length: 1600mm
Weight: 3075grams ready to fly with 5S 5000 25C battery.
Wing Area: 36.7dm²
Wing Loading: 83.8grams/dm² - comfortable for this type of plane.
Wing Cube Loading: 13.8grams/(dm²)^1.5; - falls at the top end of the Aerobatic zone for cube loading.
Essential Features:  - Electric Powered using:
   - 15x10 APC 2 blade prop.
   - Scorpion S4025-10 515kv outrunner - Plenty of power for good aerobatics.
   - 100A YEP Speed Controller with BEC (1-6S).
   - 5S 5000 25c+ LiPo battery set. 1300 Watts available to the ESC.
   - Both an arming switch and spark arrestor system are employed here.
   - 75g of extra lead weight added near the motor to achieve COG. Battery adjustment used for fine tuning.
Radio Setup:   - Spektrum DX7S radio.
  - Spektrum AR7000 (incl satelite rx) receiver.
  - Hitec HS225BB servos for ailerons, elevator and rudder. Very nice quality!
Positive Comments:   - Manufacturing quality is generally very good! An extremely pleasing finish.
  - Good looking plane!
  - Really floats quite well even with its high wing loading.
  - At this early stage it seems like good value for money.
  - Right from the first flight this is a very enjoyable plane to fly!
  - For the initial flights, virtually no trim adjustment was made.
Negative Comments:   - Design comments:
   - A good, English manual should be provided!!
   - All parts to be glued to the fuselage walls must employ fibreglass resin and matting - epoxy does not adhere to the moulded fuselage walls - probably due to mould release agent used.
  - Manufacturing faults:
   - Elevon halves' root face is not parallel to the fuselage walls when mounted on the carbon tube assembly. A thin, tapered shim was required to fill the gap!

June 2014 - Completed assembly of this plane and have 3 flights at Fagan Park (June-2014)

White Spinner 70mm
Aluminium Backed

APC 15x10 Propellor

OS Motors OMA5025-375

YEP 100Amp Controller


4 x HS-225BB
Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder


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